Is Borrowing from moneylenders in Singapore a terrible idea?

Some people are still in the habit of borrowing from moneylenders in Singapore. Personal loans with high interest, short-term loans can lead to substantial financial damage in the past that make it almost impossible to

January 11th, 2018|

2018 Top 10 Ranking Moneylenders in Singapore

Singapore is a multiracial society with stable political and legal environment that leads to continuing success in maintaining a strong and dynamic economy. In comparison to other Asian countries, Singapore government did some good job

January 8th, 2018|

Brilliance Renovation – Daniel Lok

Brilliance Renovation – Daniel Lok I spend a lot of time listening to my clients to understand and funnel what they really desire. I act as their channel to realise their dreams, just like what

December 6th, 2017|

Local Practice When Moving Into a New House.

A very nice interesting articles about local new house owner practice before the start of renovation their house and moving in. http://brilliance.sg/new-hdb-bto-flats-renovation-something-share/

November 17th, 2017|

How much do you spend on renovation in Singapore?

How much do you spend on renovation in Singapore? it never easy to gt a new house in Singapore, it is even harder to get a go interior design and renovation contractor for your dream

November 13th, 2017|
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