Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) Ah Siao, is planning yet another crazy stunt in his mission to save lives.
He and his buddy, Junwei will trek a gruelling 1000 kilometres across some of Australia’s harshest outback, the Bibbulmun Track, in just 20 days.
For each kilometre, he wants another person to sign up as a donor.
There is a 1 in 20,000 chance of finding a match so if another 1,000 people sign up in support of Ah Siao’s long march, it can help us save lives.
Compared to trekking 1,000km, registering as a bone marrow donor is easy.

Help fund our work and power on Ah Siao.

This is what Ah Siao aka Gerrard said:

Sometimes. Not everytime. Not often times. But sometimes. I ask whether two people can make a difference.
So silly. Not of power. Not of position. Not coming from money. A lot of nots riding through my mind.

Then we put it at the back of the mind. Ignoring it. Just going through the motions. Doing what’s right. Contributing.

And suddenly we are going on a 1000km journey of hope. Way way beyond what the body can handle.
Body ask “In the trails ? Huh ? 49000m gain and 49000m loss in elevations? Serious?!! 40km – 80km 15hour days? SELF SUPPORTED?!!”

Our friends ask “Is there pain? Eh why you all self funding this project ah? Is it worth it?”
Can’t answer that. Though I know it’s not 2 people anymore. Because you are joining us on this journey.

You have the power to choose. Choose hope my friends. Choose hope.
Because now 1000km is not lonely for us anymore. That you gave hope to the patients suffering blood diseases is inspiring enough.
Never mind the other troubles and headaches we’ve faced during this period before the journey.

Never mind the struggles I go through daily because you and me.
We are the same. We all go through the same. And if you just knew what blood cancer patients go through, our journey pales in comparison.

So thank you for powering us on a 1000km journey. Together. Help us spread the message. Share this post. Some money. Some traction.

1000 donors in the registry.
1000 individuals giving some money.…/trekkingtosavelives

It’s a 1/20000 chance for a patient to find a match. It just means if you suffer leukemia there is 99.995% chance you WON’T get a match. Death awaits.

So Ah Siao and Junwei. Two ordinary regular Singaporeans.
Are putting their lives on hold. For 20 days. 1000km.
Through cold bitter nights and harsh hot days. Rocky forest. Sand dunes. Steep elevations.
All these just so that maybe, someone, somewhere may be inspired to help.

In search of hope.