Brilliance Renovation – Daniel Lok

I spend a lot of time listening to my clients to understand and funnel what they really desire. I act as their channel to realise their dreams, just like what our slogan mentioned “Build Your Creation”. Sometimes, my clients have the best ideas and I learn from time all the time.

My approach is to produce the best design within their budget. As most people always think about cost and budgets instead of design. People forget that great design is not dependent on budgets but great ideas and concepts.

As a building and renovation professional, I am always asking questions. I don’t believe there is anything we cannot design or create. I am always brainstorming to improve design, space planning but also on material and renovating process. This is the spirit of my passion that inspires others on our firm to do the same.

At every initial stage of discussion, as much as prospective client is deciding upon us as their choice of interior design firm. I am also evaluating how much the client understand the process of building and renovation. This is important as it determines how well the potential working relationship could be as every project is always a significant commitment of time, effort and money.

It is because this significant understanding from our clients, we are committed to the works that they are entrusting us with high standard of quality works to achieve wonderful solutions for them.

During our engagement, we find that most of our clients enjoy the process of design, building and selecting of materials, colors. This is because the whole process of creation, not only they discover what they love, they also discover about themselves and educating themselves about design and renovation process along the way.

I always remind my team of a rule of conduct that remained with me from day one I founded this company. “As a professional, you must use the best of your knowledge to help the layout planning of every projects with details giving every client a peace of mind”
A peace of mind while building their creation – that’s what we are here for.

Therefore, we work with the client’s budget whilst still ensuring that the overall design and quality of works is achieved and maintained.

Our Synergy factory project is typical of what we do at Brilliance from concept to completion.

The factory was 6.5m tall at a 3000square feet. The client wanted Brilliance to design something that was unique for them. Truly crafted and different from some other interiors she had seen and in keeping with their work-life balance lifestyle. One way in which we achieved this was by having a modern kitchen / pantry with industrial bricks wall and an old-school table bench that can works as a meeting table.

The scope was to design the interior storage area, office rooms and all the furniture, furnishing to complete the interiors. We even customise the wooden crate that can be used for display and transportation of goods.

We did it again. That’s the expertise of work-life balance lifestyle, satisfaction and comfort our clients are expecting from us at Brilliance.

Going into 2018, we look forward to continue working in collaboration with our partners. The strength of our brand Brilliance in terms of design, build and expertise also helps to connect and reach out to our partners’ customers.

We shall be increasing and promoting our services through social media and our website and a new showroom in 2018.

All of which will keep me very busy throughout the year. So, I hope to be able to also fit in some time for company travel and recreation to revitalize and inspire my team.

Registered Licenses :
– BCA Resident Technical Officer
– NEA Environmental Control Officer
– MOM Workplace Safety & Health Officer
– MOM Workplace Safety & Health Auditor

Core Licenses :
– HDB Registered Contractor
– BCA Registered General Building Contractor
– BCA Licensed Builder
– WSHC bizSAFE 3

Specializes :
– Building & Construction
– House Building & Remodeling
– Renovation & Interior Design
– Project Management