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50 killed in Florida nightclub shooting

The worst mass shooting in US history, 50 were killed in Florida gay nightclub shooting. An American-born man who'd pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 50 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation's worst terror attack since 9/11, authorities said. * The

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High Profile Case – Chia Teck Leng

This is an old news, but it never bore me whenever I read up his articles. Chia Teck Leng, a former finance manager at the brewery Asia Pacific Breweries. Asia Pacific Breweries is a public listed company in Singapore. It is a joint venture between Fraser & Neave group and Heineken. APB produces the Singapore’s

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Firefighters teach you how to break the car window with just one finger

Firefighters teach you how to break the car window with just one finger. Don't you dare try it on my car.

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Men exchange blows at Jurong car workshop

Men exchange blows at Jurong car workshop - Fix It Auto Of course they are better way of doing it. Like another video here. Definitely there are a more civilize way of handling this issue rather then royal rumble. This video had been shared in FB with 3ooo+comments and 47000+ shares within 16hrs. Now,

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Xiaomi Drone 2016

One of the most popular electronic brand in China Xiaomi had launch a $450 4K drone. Xiaomi is mostly well known for it smartphone, action cam, fitness trackers and now they are into drone market. This is one of the most affordable 4K HD drone in the market now. As you know most 4K video

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117 Million Linkedin emails and passwords

Here we go again, a linkedin hack from 2012 is causing problems for its user. Linkedin say it is working to validate the accounts and contact affected users to reset their password on site. Do update your security credential now. Visit LinkedIn Safety Center and learn about using the 2 step verification and use a

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Make Water Out Of Humid Air

Austrian designer, Kristof Retezar has invented a bottle that make water out of humid air, called Airo Bottle. This water bottle creates clean drinking water by condensing the air. It can create a 0.5 liters  of water around an hour using solar energy. This project was funded by indiegogo campaign on 4th April 2016 Questions:

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